Wheelchair accessible vans

Although many of us enjoy free mobility, there are countless thousands of individuals who need daily assistance when travelling from one place to another. Thankfully, there are several options available. Wheelchair-accessible vans are an example of such modern innovations. However, not all vans are created equal and it proves wise to have a quick look at a few tips to consider before opting to purchase one of these unique vehicles. Let us have a closer look.

Installation or Direct Purchase?

Generally, the two primary options will be to purchase a van with the wheelchair lift already installed or instead adding this mechanism separately. Cost will obviously be a factor in this case. While it may be more economical to add such an item within an older van, the process can be quite labour intensive and it may indeed be better to purchase newer wheelchair-accessible vans with the mechanism already included.

Physical Characteristics

Of course, not all lifts will offer the same technical specifications. These need to be taken into account. The type of chair and the mobility issues of the individual should immediately be addressed. What is the angle of the ramp? Will it allow open access to common areas such as entrances and stairways? What is the load capacity and how long does it take to extract and withdraw? These topics should all be addressed by the manufacturer in question before deciding upon a certain model.


Like any mechanical product, it is always prudent to choose a reputable brand. While there are numerous providers throughout the Internet, one should only contact those which can provide references, testimonials and recognition by the MOT. Otherwise, the selection of a lesser-quality product may indeed be the unintended result. If the manufacturer does not offer this certification, it is best to look elsewhere.

These are three important variables to keep in mind when searching for wheelchair-accessible vans. With a bit of prudence and foresight, the best designs and models can be chosen. Thankfully, a plethora of online resources has made it easier than ever before to make the best decision possible.